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Our team of qualified fitness professionals specialise in personal training, group training, mixed martial arts, calisthenics, and more.

Sam Merza

QLD – National Fitness Manager

Brief history/ experience: I started out training in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts and after competing for several years in Asia I moved to Australia where I have spent over 5years as a Personal Trainer. I am now lucky enough to help support and educate our amazing team of fitness professionals across Australia and develop future programs for our fantastic members.

Favourite Workout (on HFN): Results and CZ Afterburn

Interesting fact about me: I went spear fishing when I was 14 and it turned me vegetarian for 6 years.

“Everyone is unique, train in a way that works best for you”
#energetic. #fun

Andrew Ng

WA – State Fitness Manager

Brief history/ experience: I have always had a passion for fitness, growing up playing sports and martial arts. Studied Sports Science and Leisure Management and have been working in the fitness and leisure industry for 28 years in a variety of roles including PT, Coaching. Training, Management and Presenting.

Favourite Workout (on HFN): Coaching Zone Afterburn of course

Inspiring Action Through Fitness
#Fun, #energetic

Esther Castro

VIC - Group Fitness Instructor

Brief history/experience: Music and dancing are part of my culture and Zumba allows me to integrate fitness into my passion which makes my class very enjoyable. The best part of being a Zumba instructor is to see the satisfaction on everyone’s faces.  I have been teaching the most successful dance and fitness program around the world for 9 Years.

Favourite Workout (on HFN): Zumba

Interesting facts about me: I enjoy travelling as there is constant learning while you get to know about new cultures, new customs, new music and different lifestyles.

#Fun, #energetic

Jason Appel

WA - Head Coach

Brief history/ experience: I’ve been working in the health & fitness industry for just shy of 10 years now, even in tough times like these I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I’m a huge fan of kettlebell training with the Turkish get-up being one of my all-time favourite exercises.

Favourite Workout (on Home Fitness Network): Results (of course) & Coaching Zone Afterburn

Interesting fact about me: Nearly on the wrong side of 40 – I’m still a staunch metal head, (apparently you’re supposed to grow out of it…. Go figure).

Pursuing greater strength and/ or fitness will make you a more resilient person to deal with the ups & downs of life- in turn, helping you to be a happier person.
#Approachable, #energetic

Jordan Curran

VIC - Regional Fitness Manager

Brief history/ experience: I began 1 on 1 personal training in 2010 and then started to develop a passion for functional and group training. I believe that all good trainers and coaches should try as many different training styles as possible as there is not just the 1 correct way to train. I am Olympic lifting, functional training, boxing and kettlebell qualified and love incorporating them into my training sessions.

Favourite Workout (on HFN): Super session

Interesting fact about me: I have a chipped tooth from a failed clean and jerk attempt

If you’re feeling flat you will never feel worse after a workout no matter how short it is

Kate Groube

VIC - Regional Fitness Manager

Brief history/ experience: Over the past 25 years in fitness I’ve been lucky enough to work in many, many roles, including, group ex instructor, PT, coach, club manager and regional manager. My favourite thing is still to deliver great fitness and fun to our members!!

Favourite Workout (on HFN): I actually don’t have a favourite, I do love variety, and meeting lots of different members, all with unique goals.

Interesting fact about me: I love music, it’s a huge part of my motivation during training, but unfortunately, I’m not a great singing

Find the exercise you love to do! If you enjoy what you do, you will continue to do it…and the results will surely follow

A Team of Expert Coaches

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